Digital Design Portfolio

Working as a Digital Content Creator in a busy Digital Marketing Agency has enabled me to broaden my scope as a designer and think on my feet as a marketeer. Over the last year I have had responsibilities over various projects from designing creative content and developing content calendars for our clients social channels to creating client presentations and branding docs.

See below for a snapshot of some of the creative social media content I have produced for clients.

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Five Guys
JMC Sport
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Follow Your Heart
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Get Heli

Five Guys


  • Design creative content

  • Plan monthly content cals for multiple
    social channels: Facebook & Instagram


  • 2 Territories: Ierland & Northern Ireland

  • This client is all about coming coming up with creative content that appeals to the Irish customer as well as align with Five Guy's brand message as a whole across its global territories.


JMC Sports

Athlete Representation

  • Design regular interesting throughout the golf season and beyond

  • Illustration - I created a series of portraits of the players JMC represent, as a gift, a of JMC's gratitude

  • I also create JMC's pdf player guides and endorsement presentations tailored to the brand each player is considered being sponsored by.



Digital Retailer

  • Designing creative content for social media

  • Creating Ads on Facebook and Google

  • The goal for this client is to create engaging content which promote the products of local craft makers and designers in Ireland


Get Heli

Helicopter Charters

  • Designing creative content for social media

  • Creating appealing assets for social channels which embody Get Heli's brand


Follow Your Heart

Global Vegan Food Brand

  • Designing creative content for social media

  • Creating engaging assets and graphics for Follow Your Hearts UK social channels

Tish Mousell

Professional Training

  • This one-off project involved creating a range of illustrations to highlight Tish's skill sets 

  • Updating her website to be more engaging and a have better UX design.

Digital Works Agency

Digital Marketing Agency - In House Content Creation

  • Designing creative content for all social media channels

  • Creating engaging assets for social channels

  • Developing a range of internal content from webinar presentations, websites, managing social channels, and marketing strategies

  • Generating ideas to further market the business